ADONIS Competence in Radiological field has grown smoothly and swiftly. Today the company makes broad array of Line Frequency and High Frequency X-Ray System from Portable Systems to High Powered Systems.

ADONIS X-Ray has been designed keeping in mind PRECISION, the prime factor for accurate X-Ray dosage, nil stray radiation & TRUE Image quality. That's not just the only aspect!! Adonis X-Ray offers many performance advances in Technology, Reliability & User friendlines so as to offer best value for your money. Our X-Ray System reflects ADONIS commitment to excellent in clinical performance & economic value.
Adonis stands committed for providing you with the best of everything- Technology, Application, Support, Service Backup!! The Best Value for Your Money- today...and for years to come

Each Equipment at ADONIS is carefully designed to assure the utmost accuracy and reliability. Much of the equipment incorporates ADONIS's own original development. The Precision and Image Quality are constantly being improved and incorporated into the new sustem.


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